rosé wine

technical information



Appellation : IGP Côtes du Lot


SCEA du Gagnoulat, 46250 GOUJOUNAC, FRANCE
Advisors: Stéphane Derenoncourt Lydia and Claude Bourguignon

Jurassic clay and limestone chaulk facing south at  10 to 20% of slope.
Grapes varieties:

Syrah or Cabernet FrancChardonnay 

1.20 x 1.00 which means 8333 vines to the hectare

35 hl/ha

Wineyard work:
The wineyard work between vines without herbicide with our own compost and organic products.
Handpicking and grape selection at best maturity.

Wine making:

Rosé is made bu pression with hints of saffron and the elegant arom of roses complete and vinous with long finish.