The vineyard




Goujounac is located on the road leading from Lascaux  (Périgord 24) to Pech-Merle (Lot valley 46). A dolmen is situated neartby the wineyard.
The other vineyard is at the place called " vigne de Montaigne " where the " Curé " Montaigne made his wine.
In the 19 centyry in Goujounac there were 157 hectares of wines, now 6 hectares.






In 1993, Christian Belmon decided to plant 6.5 hectares to make a great wine wjth exeptional character.
Claude and Lydia Bourguignon renomed wine geologists say that it is the depth of the clay which characterises the terroir which is more influental upon the red than the white so was decides to plant also white vines at the good piece of land. 

Grapes varieties : vines IGP côtes du lot, 6 hectares planted
Red : Syrah and Cabernet Franc
White : Chardonnay
Planting : 1.20 by 1.00 which means 8333 vines to the hectare.









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The Belmont wine is taking the necessary exigencies to make a great wine. The property is worked between vines without herbicides with our own made compost and organic products.
Hand picking and grape selection at best maturity
Yield : 35 hl/hec
Wine making : 
Maceration and fermatation 3, 4 weeks
Malolactic and maturing 12 to 18 months on thinned lees for the red and 8 months or less for whites both in barriques.
Consultants : Stephan Dereconcourt, oenologist Simon Blanchard.