place of exception
remarkable terroir



The Belmont, the atypical planting for the red (cabernet franc/syrah).
The terroir : 15 acres of Jurassic clay and line stone chaulk facing south 10 to 25% of slope and 800 feet of altitude give a fresh and mineral taste .


White wine







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Red wine

Canbernet - Franc  / Syrah






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the domain

Our respect for nature is obvious at every stage of cultivation. We make our own compost, from neighboring farms. Pruning and thinning are done with rigor, so as to favor optimal grape development and maturity. Biology is allowed to do its work, aided by our hands. Attention to climate, rainfall, air humidity is what guides us. The grapes are vinified whole, when fully ripened, with a gentle extraction and presssing process. The pruning, harvesting, and sorting work is done entirely by hand.